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Sign-Up & Background Check

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Complete the 17 minute Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention online training.

2023-2024 Volunteer Guide

Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions

Q: What is School Connect WA?

School Connect WA is an education nonprofit that aims to foster a stronger connection between schools, churches, businesses, volunteers, and the local community. Our goal is to close education gaps for students through high-dosage, high-impact afterschool programs.

Q: How can I become a volunteer with School Connect WA?

To become a volunteer, follow the steps beginning at the top of this webpage.

Q: What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

School Connect WA offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, including individual or group tutoring in math, literacy and STEM for elementary age students. Volunteers may also drop off food, snacks and school supplies.

Q: Is there a screening process for volunteers?

Yes, ensuring the safety of students is our top priority. All volunteers are required to undergo a screening process, which includes a background check and Seattle Public Schools Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention online training. Volunteers must also read our Volunteer Guide provided above.

Q: Can I choose the school where I want to volunteer?

We currently have one site at Dearborn Park International Elementary School - 2820 S. Orcas Street. 

Q: How much time commitment is expected from volunteers?

1 hour minimum per visit.​ Each day we spend about 45 minutes in literacy and 45 minutes in math. We appreciate any additional time that volunteers can contribute, but we understand that everyone has varying availability. Our goal is to create a flexible and rewarding experience for both volunteers and students.

Q: Do I need to come the same day each week and at the same time?

No. We are flexible because we have all the curriculum prepared in advance. We just need you to show up. However, for planning purposes, it helps the School Connect WA staff to know if you'll be coming on a regular day/time schedule. 

Q: Do I need any specific qualifications to volunteer?

Besides passing a background check, no prior experience is required to become a tutor or volunteer.

Q: I am a high school student. Can I earn community service hours?

Absolutely! Volunteering with us provides an excellent opportunity for students to give back to their community while fulfilling their community service requirements. If you have specific forms or documentation that need to be completed, feel free to bring them to our attention, and we'll assist you in ensuring your community service hours are properly documented. Thank you for considering School Connect WA as a platform for your community service efforts and invite your friends!

Q: Can I volunteer remotely? 

No. Our intervention based programming for elementary students requires in-person participation.

Q: How will I be notified about upcoming volunteer opportunities?

Once you register as a volunteer, you'll receive regular updates via email about upcoming opportunities, events, and any relevant news. Make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date.

Q: How can I provide feedback or ask for support as a volunteer?

We value your feedback. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please reach out to any of our staff or through the contact information provided on the website.

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