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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
- Frederick Douglass

Research based, High Impact,
After-School Programming

A Safe Place to Meet

A safe place to meet is essential as it fosters a secure and supportive environment, enhancing the overall learning experience for students. Additionally, a safe setting ensures that students can engage in educational and recreational activities without fear, allowing for positive social interactions and the development of essential life skills.

Intervention Based Curriculum

An intervention-based curriculum is essential as it addresses individual learning needs and provides targeted support, helping students overcome academic challenges and reinforcing key concepts. This approach ensures that students receive personalized assistance, fostering academic growth and maximizing the effectiveness of the after-school program in addressing diverse learning styles and needs.

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Quality Adults

Quality adult are essential as they provide positive role models, guidance, and a supportive presence. Through mentorship, students can build meaningful connections, gain valuable life skills, and receive personalized attention that enhances their overall educational experience.

Consistent Attendance

Consistent attendance is vital for maximizing the benefits and continuity of educational experiences. Regular participation allows students to fully engage with program activities, build on learning outcomes over time, and fosters a sense of community and belonging among participants.

Meals and Snacks

Food is essential as it not only addresses the nutritional needs of students but also contributes to their overall well-being, supporting physical and mental health during the critical after-school hours. Providing nourishing meals or snacks can enhance concentration, energy levels, and mood, creating an optimal environment for effective learning and participation in extracurricular activities.

Partner With Teachers & Parents

Partnering with teachers and parents is essential to ensure continuity in learning, reinforce academic goals, and provide a holistic support system that bridges the gap between school and home. Collaboration with teachers and parents fosters a unified approach, fostering a shared commitment to the well-rounded development of students in both educational and extracurricular aspects.



Tutors/staff meet with students 4-5 sessions each week, 80 minutes per session.



Staff use data to tailor instruction and ensure consistency.



Tutors work with 1-3 students to provide personalized instruction and support.



Tutors use school curriculum to help students master phonics skills and math concepts.



Tutors develop skills needed to improve student outcomes.



Tutors ignite a love for learning and inspire independence and self-confidence. 

High Dosage Tutoring

Tamara Prevost

Instructional Assistant, Dearborn Park International School

Nothing has had a greater impact on the academic learning, personal growth and just plain happiness of my students than School Connect WA. I work mostly with recent immigrant Spanish speaking students and I can honestly say that not only is this program closing academic gaps, but it is changing lives in extremely positive ways.

Site Director

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Ms. Monica Mosqueda

Monica grew up on Beacon Hill. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Teaching through the University of Washington. She also has a certificate in Education for Environment and Community as an alumni of Islandwood. 


Monica has developed a teaching philosophy rooted in youth advocacy, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and experiential learning. She is intentional about creating partnerships with families, and cultivating a classroom space that embraces students' interests.

Monica enjoys supporting Farmers Markets, creating art, and traveling.

Program Assistant

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Mr. Bryan Lee

Bryan grew up in Beacon Hill and has been connected with Dearborn Park since 2012 through attending Seattle Chinese Alliance Church. He graduated from UW in 2017 with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and got his Masters in Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2022.

Bryan has been working with young learners since high school at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission summer program and is passionate about seeing students develop and thrive. He enjoys playing ultimate frisbee or watching shows on the couch in his free time and loves volunteering with the youth group at church.


"High-dosage tutoring is probably the single most powerful strategy for responding to learning loss."

- Education Week

Taylor Wong, UW College of Education Major

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