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Concepts learned in school
Mastered after school

Every child in our program graduates at or above grade level.


Serving students furthest from educational justice.

Enrollment is coordinated with Dearborn Park staff to ensure the most under-resourced students are served.

We prioritize Black, Indigenous, People/Students of Color (BIPOC) who also qualify for free-reduced lunch. If you qualify and are interested in enrolling your child, please email


Explore Technology


Dream BIG

Celebrate Your Culture

Gain Confidence

Academic Excellence

Have Fun!


Program Hours

We follow the Seattle Public Schools Calendar
2:30-5:30 pm
2:30-5:30 pm
1:15-5:30 pm
2:30-5:30 pm
2:30-5:30 pm



Volunteer & Connect

Be part of a passionate group of individuals, businesses, churches, and nonprofits that make a difference in a child's life each day.

Connect with Us and we'll discuss how you can champion students in the afterschool program.

All volunteers must complete the Seattle Public Schools volunteer application 

and pass a WA state background check in order to partner with the afterschool program.

Site Director:

Monica pic.png

Ms. Monica Mosqueda

Monica grew up on Beacon Hill. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Teaching through the University of Washington. She also has a certificate in Education for Environment and Community as an alumni of Islandwood. 


Monica has developed a teaching philosophy rooted in youth advocacy, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and experiential learning. She is intentional about creating partnerships with families, and cultivating a classroom space that embraces students' interests.

Monica enjoys supporting Farmers Markets, creating art, and traveling.

Program Assistant


Ms. Charmaine Yeap

Charmaine 在马来西亚槟城长大,在2015年移居美国。她在俄克拉荷马州中部大学获得儿童发展学士学位和家庭儿童研究硕士学位。 她目前正在申请成为一名认证的家庭生活教育家。


佘诗曼精通英语、普通话和马来语。 她是全球和文化能力的坚定倡导者。 Charmaine 专注于提高学生的发展技能,并通过积极的课堂环境帮助他们在学业和个人成长方面取得成功。


Charmaine 喜欢旅行、美食探险,并有意与朋友和家人共度时光。

Charmaine grew up in Penang, Malaysia before immigrating to the United States in 2015. She received both her Bachelors in Child Development and Masters in Family Child Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is currently applying to be a certified Family Life Educator.


Charmaine is fluent in English, Mandarin and Malay and is a strong advocate for global and cultural competency. She is focused on improving developmental skills among students and uplifting them to succeed in their academic and personal growth through a positive classroom setting.


Charmaine loves to travel, go on food adventures, and spend intentional time with friends and family.

Charmaine dibesarkan di Pulau Pinang, Malaysia sebelum berhijrah ke Amerika Syarikat pada tahun 2015. Dia menerima kedua-dua Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam Pembangunan Kanak-kanak dan Sarjana dalam Pengajian Kanak-Kanak Keluarga dari University of Central Oklahoma. Dia sedang memohon untuk menjadi Pendidik Kehidupan Keluarga bertauliah.


Charmaine fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Cina dan Melayu. Dia adalah penyokong untuk kecekapan global dan budaya. Charmaine memberi tumpuan kepada meningkatkan kemahiran pembangunan dalam kalangan pelajar dan menaikkan semangat mereka untuk berhasil dalam pertumbuhan akademik dan peribadi mereka melalui persekitaran bilik darjah yang positif.


Charmaine suka melancong, mengembara makanan dan meluangkan masa yang disengajakan bersama rakan dan keluarga.

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