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When your business supports your community, your community supports your business.

Business Partner

Discover Bothell Smiles Family Dentistry, dedicated to cultivating bright smiles and healthy habits for the whole family. Dr. Karen Wang and her expert team not only provides top-notch dental care but also engages underserved communities to educate young minds through fun, STEM, and health education events. Check out the video of School Connect WAs collaboration event with Bothell Smiles Family Dentistry.

Adaptively Education

Adaptively pinpoints academic gaps so our students are served the right content for both math and English. Thank you Hao, Patrick, and Laura!

Oasis Tea Zone

I-Miun and the team at Oasis are generous partners for the Seattle youth community.

Valentine Roofing

Heartfelt gratitude to Valentine Roofing, our dedicated partner in building a strong foundation for the future, whose unwavering commitment and generous contributions ensure that the sky's the limit for the success and growth of our afterschool program.

Ezell's Chicken

It's not a south-end party unless Ezell's Chicken is at the table. They support many local organizations with in-kind food donations sharing joy and the taste of comfort.

Le's Deli & Bakery

This Vietnamese Deli - owners Tom and Nha - is our community office. Staff meetings every Thursday and any community partner meeting, we have it here!

The Space Needle

Thank you Space Needle for supporting School Connect WA!


Thank you Costco for supporting School Connect WA!

Bothell Smiles Family Dentistry

Dr. Karen Wang and her team at Bothell smiles brings oral hygiene education and interactive STEM activities to support our students health. They are an energetic team with a heart to serve their community.

Tinte Cellars

Cheers to Tinte Cellars, our esteemed winery partner, whose generous support adds a touch of sophistication through their commitment to education and community empowerment.

Homer Restaurant

Homer, a Beacon Hill culinary gem, selected School Connect WA as the beneficiary of their annual Solidarity Dinner. We are honored to partner with Logan, Sara, & Homer!

Blue Origin

Joseph Chan, Mechanical Engineer at Blue Origin, teaches students in our STEM program about all aspects of space, engineering, and exploration.

Northwest Outdoor Center

Thank you Northwest Outdoor Center for supporting School Connect WA.

Seattle Seahawks

Thank you Seattle Seahawks for supporting School Connect WA

Vibrant Cities

James Wong is a strong supporter of closing education gaps and connecting community members for social impact.

McDonalds (D. Lark Inc.)

McDonalds is a generous, dependable, and faithful partner. Several of our parents in the afterschool program work at the nearby McDonalds. Their generosity and community engagement are a model for any business.

Thank you Amazon for supporting us with expert volunteers that our students love!

Kingway Hair Salon

The Vietnamese women at Kingway Hair Salon are known in our community for their commitment to both style and substance, making a lasting impact on our mission to nurture and educate the next generation.

Two Trees Pottery

Local artist, Kim Lum, crafts sophisticated and practical pottery items while collaborating with School Connect WA to address educational disparities.


Thank you Safeway/Albertson's for supporting School Connect WA through the school year.

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