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Businesses Transform Communities

When your business supports your community, your community supports your business.

Tutoring, arts, technology, cultural heritage celebrations, healthcare, and capital projects...there are a million ways to create social impact at your local school. Get connected to our Dearborn Park Afterschool Program.

Social Impact

When community transformation is central to your business ethos, there's no better place to start than your local public school.

Business Owner in Workshop
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People are our greatest investments. Current customers and future employees are right in our schools. An educated community makes a strong local economy.


Stories help you connect with your community by sharing who, why and how your business is making a difference.


You're Invited to "The Table"

If you represent a business on Beacon Hill and want to connect with leadership at Dearborn Park International School, then come have a seat at "The Table." Join a unique, cross-sector collaboration of community members who work for the success of children and families.

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